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MLM Software Features :

MLM Software or Network marketing website is never complete and it is long term evolving process. Features, facilities, technology, business flows are ever changing and we at understand that MLM software and website is the life blood of any network marketing company and we strive to make changes as an when requested by client to make sure that our client is able to give tough competition to other MLM companies in their location. There is end less list of features for our MLM Software but few of the standard and very commonly used features for any MLM Software or MLM project are listed below:

1. Replicated Websites

MLM Software Replicated Websites

Using replicated website each user will get his own link to website. It is easy and advance way to promote MLM concepts. Replicating Website in MLM Software

2. Inventory management

MLM Software Inventory management

MLM Software provides inbuilt inventory management system which will help our clients to track stock levels, dispatch details and damage product information's.


MLM Software CAPTCHA Code

Our captcha code can provide one level security from the robo software's that can fill junk registrations on your website.

4. OTP facility

MLM Software OTP facility

One time password to registered mobile or email id will prevent unauthorized access to secured areas of admin and member log-in.

5. Instant e-pin Generator

MLM Software Instant e-pin Generator

It is very usefully for MLM companies. E-pin is the best way for payment. Most of the MLM Companies want to sale their products by e-pin. By this way you can collect payment from members this software manage e-pin & secure the transactions. We provide Best epin generator software in india.

6. E-wallet facility

MLM Software E-wallet facility

E-Wallet Facility ensures that every member receives their own transaction in their e-wallet account in our MLM software, it resembling bank account. All funds including commissions, e-pin generated, Fund added, fund removed and membership fees all will be displayed as a transactions.

7. SMS Blaster

MLM Software SMS Blaster

SMS Blaster provides fast, simple, effective & efficient real-time communication. Available in online /Offline SMS can be sent on any action for e.g. Joining/Sign up, Payout Calculation, password reset and for many other actions. MLM Software with bulk SMS blaster

8. Down-line Management

MLM Software Down-line Management

Our software will have complete down-line Management module for their members and Admin so that they can view their direct referral and their complete family from right and family from left.

9. Online Sign-up Facility

MLM Software Online Sign-up Facility

Our software will have complete secure online registration facility for member to join MLM Companies with Help tips available for their understanding.

10. Announcements and Blogs

MLM Software Announcements and Blogs

Our website will also have a option to publish and manage the company announcements and write blogs for the members benefits.

11. Detail Payouts

MLM Software Detail Payouts

Using replicated website each user will get his own link to website. It is easy and advance way to promote MLM concepts. Replicating Website in MLM Software

12. Instant Welcome Letter

MLM Software Instant Welcome Letter

MLM Software provides inbuilt inventory management system which will help our clients to track stock levels, dispatch details and damage product information's.

13. Bank Transfer Facility

MLM Software Bank Transfer Facility

Member will be allowed to request for Bank transfer from his account to admin in complete secured way and admin can view complete list of the members who has requested for Bank Transfer.

14. Upload Photo Option

MLM Software Bank Upload Photo Option

Members will have an option to upload their photo, which will be immediately reflected in his welcome letter, achiever gallery and to his profile.

15. Billing Option

MLM Software Bank Billing Option

Our online billing option will provide printable version of VAT bill on purchase of product to members and admin which can be dynamic on account of different TAX for all product .

16. Cheque Printing Option

MLM Software Cheque Printing Option

This Option will help you to print cheque's in your own customized format. It is very useful for MLM companies that issue lot of cheque in a month. MLM Software and Cheque Printing Software

17. Dynamic News Column

MLM Software Dynamic News Column

Admin will have a complete control in news column. He will be able to add news, edit, deleted etc.. Which will be immediate reflected on website. So this is very important tool for admin to communicate with their members in cost effective way.

18. Online Excel Reports

MLM Software Online Excel Reports

You will be allowed to download reports like Member reports, Bank transfer reports, TDS Reports, service charge report & Profit & Loss statement in excel format which ensure easy availability of data; this data can also serve as a backup for future reference.

19. Payment Gateway Integration

MLM Software Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration helps the business to accept payment online in to their account. We provide flexibility to integrate with any payment gateway of your choice for easy payments.

20. Shopping Cart Facility

MLM Software Shopping Cart Facility

Integration with Online shopping cart ensures real time purchase of any product through the member panel directly which helps members to easily and quickly complete their transactions.

21. Advance Genealogy

MLM Software Advance Genealogy

Mouse hover sponsor and down-line details Option to add new members in the blank space.

22. Achievers Photo Gallery

MLM Software Achievers Photo Gallery

Instant Achievers photo gallery will ensure real time photo of the members on every achievements.

23. Member Count on Website

MLM Software Member Count on Website

Dynamic and instant member count on website, visitors count on website, Immediate display of members who joined our company from different country.

24. Security Module

MLM Software Security Module

The system is been designed following the world class security standards having all the features and functionalities which are flexible to be adapted.

25. Support System

MLM Software Support System

Provide efficient customer support with the easy to use interface developed to handle support requests.

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We provides everything that is needed to effectively manage your online MLM operation including membership features customization, advanced genealogy tracking, complete transaction and payment systems, shopping cart and support ticketing system modules, and many more. Features of mlm software
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